Refund, Cancellation and Privacy Policies

Refund Policy
3-D Background Screening gathers information from various public sources and vendors concerning a person's background: criminal, education, work, driving record, credit history, etc. This is an intangible service dependant on many other sources whose outcome we can not predict in advance. Therefore once any service, services or packages that have been requested by a customer of 3-D Background Screening is transmitted to our vendors the work at that point can not be revoked and the customer is then responsible for full payment of that service what ever the results may be and can not be refunded. It is also understood that the final product of research to obtain requested information may show a negative answer; that is to say that no information could be obtained in the time frame allotted and for the originally agreed upon price. If this situation occurs responsibility for payment continues and payment cannot be refunded.

Cancellation Policy
At no time can 3-D Background Screening accept a request of cancellation from a customer concerning services ordered once those services have been transmitted to our vendors for processing. The products we deal with are intangible and of an individual nature and therefore can not simply be put back on a shelf and resold to another customer.

Privacy Policy
3-D Background Screening will not sell, rent, or in any other wise give information obtained from its customers in the course of normal business transactions to any third party to be used for any reason. The only exception shall be information necessary to obtain payment such as through the use of credit cards and what the credit card company will need in order to complete its transactions.