3D Church Check is proud to offer the advantages of one of the largest propriety data bases and conventional search process available today. We are sincerely interested in giving our clients the very best service possible. We know that through proper understanding and use of our processes and systems, our clients access the most comprehensive, accurate, timely, convenient and secure background information afforded the market today.

1-2-3 Means a SECURE, SIMPLE, and FAST Process

1 - Secure- Enter our secure order page through our log in for member's button on the home page, Clients will be asked to logon with their user name and password, (easy instruction provided in the welcome packet). 3D Church Check is serious about security and employs a state of the art, encrypted system to produce your data request.

2 - Simple- ordering is a breeze, no faxing, no miscommunications, and no busy times or after hours waiting, no inconvenient or complex order process. Simply fill out the applicant information fields and click from a menu of services that you would like to order. Then verify the information you provided and transmit the request. Oh, and if you have multiple applicants to check, our process will take you right back to the new applicant screen to order. No wasted motion, no wasted time.

3 - Fast- Once you have completed and transmitted the orders you will be taken back to Customer Summary page, where in most cases your reports are ready for your review. That's right, you will have part of the information you need to protect your church’s interest instantly. Obviously, some reports will require physical or conventional methods of retrieval, and cannot be instant, However, even those reports are evaluated by 3D Church Check in a matter of 2 or 3 days not weeks, so to get your information to you in the most expeditious manner.

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